Case Studies

Case Studies
Case Studies: Enbridge


Enbridge - 20' x 40' Exhibit Rental
20' x 40' Exhibit Rental - Globe 2014 (Vancouver, BC. Canada)

Collaborative Services

Part of the larger corporate conglomerates that make up our business core, Enbridge is a company that is constantly in the public eye. Effective collaboration is paramount as they continue to expand their presence in the educational, environmental, and public sectors.

Enbridge - Line 9 Open Houses
Open Houses
Enbridge - Leading with Energy Portable Stage Set
Enbridge - Northern Gateway Information Display
Information Displays
Enbridge - 10' x 30' Modular Stage Set Display
10' x 30' Modular Stage Set Display

Meetings & Conventions

Enbridge requirements extend far beyond the exhibiting world. Display Dynamics provides a greater return on their exhibit assets with the ability to reconfigure their display products for special events, staff functions, and assemblies as well as their Annual General Meetings.

Enbridge - Annual General Meeting
Annual General Meetings
Enbridge - Employee Town Hall Meeting
Employee Meetings
Enbridge - Meeting of Shareholders
Shareholder Meetings
Enbridge - 10' x 10' Portable HR Display
10' x 10' Portable HR Display

Portable Inventory Management

Large scale exhibits and conventions are not the only part of the extensive Enbridge service requirements. Display Dynamics also provides Enbridge with an inventory and control service for their portable display material. This allows Enbridge employees manage their inventory with ease through a customized web- based interface. Display preparation, and delivery services are also provided throughout North America.

Enbridge - Supreme Banner Stands
Supreme Banner Stands
Enbridge - 10' Magnum Pop-Up
10' Magnum Pop-Up
Enbridge - 10' Murale Pop-Up
10' Murale Pop-Up